An app to cover the sound of your crapp

We have all been there, sitting on your throne, a little nervous about the terrible sounds that are about to emerge. Now there is a way to Shhhhh it in peace. Custom created soundscapes to hide the plops, groans, and splashes. Pick from different bathrooms based on the intensity of your movement. Join the Chocolate Starfish Workout Club and track all your movements. At long last, you can relax and let it all out, no matter who is outside the door.

Pick the bathroom just right for your shhhhhituation

Is it a delicate situation that just needs a little coverage? Or something monstrous that needs the volume turned up to eleven? Our multi-room acoustic dampening technology will soften the drop. Paired with our cloud based ‘sinking’ you will get access to new rooms on the regular.

“It saved my relationship from going down the 🚽”

— Richard S


Join the Chocolate Starfish Workout Club 

Maybe you are a once-a-dayer, or you could be a morning-noon-nighter, or hey you might be one of those rare once a weekers who keep it super efficient. Sign up for the Chocolate Star Fish Workout club and get all of your shhhhhatistics in the palm of your hand to swipe through while you wipe (just use your other hand).

"Like FitBit for your 💩"

— Patricia L